Special collections

Any items not collected as part of the normal commercial waste collection can be disposed of and recycled through the Wastesaver special collection service.

  • You can be assured that your items will be collected within five working days of making an appointment and will be processed to a high environmental standard and not shipped abroad or fly-tipped. Special collections are competitively priced.
  • The disposal of electrical items such as computers, printers, photo-copiers, and TVs is covered by strict legislation. Our special collection service can help you with all of your waste collection problems. We also collect other items such as office furniture, wood, carpets, metal, glass and shop fittings.
  • We can arrange collections of large volumes of waste, for example when your waste compactor has broken down, after an office clear-out or when you are refitting your business’ interior.
  • As with all rubbish collections you’ll need to complete a legal document called a Waste Transfer Note.

How do I arrange the service?

Contact the Wastesaver team using the details provided on this page.