Pre-paid sacks and stickers

For many businesses, our cost-effective pre-paid sack or sticker service is the best way to get rid of your rubbish when you do not have the space for a waste container.

  • Green sacks for light general waste from retailers and offices;
  • White sacks for paper and card;
  • Clear sacks for mixed recycling;
  • Cardboard stickers to dispose of your flat-packed cardboard.

The price of the bags/stickers also covers the collection and disposal of the waste. There are no hidden charges and no wasted time.

How do I arrange the service?

Businesses can pre-order and pay for bags and stickers in advance.

New customers need a Waste Transfer Note (WTN). This is a legal requirement that outlines what the rubbish is, who produced it (you) and who is collecting it (us). Once completed, it lasts for one year and you need to keep a copy of your WTNs for a minimum of two years. Contact us using the details on this page to arrange a WTN or get a Wastesaver quote online using the button below.