Wastesavers graffiti removal

We have a dedicated Graffiti Team whose mission is to remove graffiti as quickly as possible.

Graffiti on walls and surfaces can take many forms, such as paint, waxy substances, chalks, felt-tip markers, ball point pens and adhesive labels which are all difficult to remove with normal cleaning methods. It is important you get an effective removal and prevention service.

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How we remove graffiti

Using pressure washing cleaning equipment and non-hazardous graffiti removers we can remove graffiti attacks from any type of porous and non-porous surface quickly and efficiently.

Once we have removed the graffiti, we can clean most external layers, removing all dirt, grime, pollution, paint, oil, tar and more.

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Future protection

We cannot prevent your property from being targeted again but we can help to make it easier to remove the graffiti next time. We can apply an anti-graffiti coating to your building which prevents graffiti from permeating brick, stone, mortar or metal, allowing for simple, quick and more cost-effective removal if it happens again.

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Other Services

We are able to provide other services that include:

Chewing Gum Removal
High-Pressure Washing
Bin Cleaning

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